Fermented papaya extracts: rich in vitamins A, C, E with a powerful
antioxidant action. The fermented papaya contains proteolytic enzymes that
stimulate dermis remodeling rendering it more tonic.
Melon extracts: the main component of this plant extract is superoxide
dismutase, molecule with strong antioxidant and protective action.
Lipoic acid: one of the few antioxidants capable of performing its action
both in aqueous as well as in lipophilic environments. Maximum protection
for damaged skin.
N-acetyl cysteine: a non-toxic molecule able to increase the levels of
glutathione in the cells easily penetrating the dermal tissue. Protects against
damage from oxidative stress caused by external agents.
• Asphyxiated skin
• Stretch marks
•Atonic and devitalized skin
•Sagging skin inner arms and inner thighs